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Jo Warren

We are thinking of buying a second hand Renault in a private sale. The car is currently owned by a smoker so we don't want to buy it without being confident we can get rid of the smell. Also it has ...

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Rebecca ward

Hello i was sick in the car two days ago on the carpet and on the inside of the car door which has a material. tried to clean but want it done properly and was wondering what would be the cheapest service ...

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Dwayne Pye

I have one of those air fresheners that you hang on your air vent and it leaked out ran down all over my dash. This caused the coating thats on my stereo, air contols and surrounding area to melt and ...

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hi it apprears that someone has spilt something on the dashboard which has ended up taking some of the paint off it , the grain is still present just looks paint has been removed. im located in oldham ...

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I just purchased this 2008 Dodge Charger and I notice white spots or stains on the front bumper as well as the tail lights. HOw to remove.......I'm not for sure if they are due to bird dropings or if ...

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Adrian Bringes

Rear double seat back has been contaminated with spilt liquid Creosote. Seat is currently fully removed from car and central integral seat belt is not affected, Spillage essentially stayed in one corner ...

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jean alexis

ICar got flooded and i have possible water damage car will not start and begins to smell. I dont know what do do . The insurance doesnt want my car to go to the dealer. what do i do ? I am worried they ...

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my car was vandalised and some kind of superglue was put onto my headlights. Ive tried various methods to get it off but cant and new headlights are expensive. I've heard of headlight restoration could ...

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Alicia St. Martin

My car was flooded today with water inside well above the seats. Is there a way to get my car cleaned out to prevent mold. Model: pontiac grand am 2004 se

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Tia Dean

I am in Kansas City, Missouri and I have had my car for about two weeks. This morning I managed to run over a few gallons or exterior house paint. I have managed to remove some paint from the car, however ...

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