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Brigitte Atkinson

Hi, the builders in our road have splattered my car with cement on the bonnet, side door and soft top ( roof). I can send you photos but have you removed cement from a soft top roof ? how much roughly ...

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Garry Peters

hello I have had two oil leaks on my mondeo I have had one fixed but need to track down the other one my macanic segisted I get my engine cleaned but im worried about getting it steam cleaned because ...

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Graham MacKichan

Hi Gary Sorry for the delay, technical issues at my end. Here are the photos. Please either call me when you have had a chance to look at them, or I will call you later. Regards Graham Model: ...

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Hi, I have unfortunately had a paint spillage in my passenger footwell. I think the only possible solution is to replace the this something you can do or do you have any other suggestions? ...

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Patricia and Terry Dempsey

Further to my call with Gary today, here are some photos to give you an idea of the damage. I've also included two photos of dints and some of scratches. I couldn't get the roof to close so not able ...

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Sally crisp

I live in Norwich, do you come out that far? Some cooking oil has been spilt on my rear seats is this something you could remove? How much would you charge to clean the upholstery Thanks Model: ...

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I have a soaking wet footwell on the drivers side and have been told this may be down to a leaking sunroof. However, the sunroof doesn't leak onto me when I'm driving. Do you know if this is a possibility? ...

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Laura Blade

A child was sick on the front passenger set of my car! cleaned it the best i can but it stinks and dosn't look great!!?? CCan you help, how much would it cost? i'm based in chelmsford! Model: peugeot ...

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Ray Pugh

Hi, I recently purchased a Peugeot (year 2005). I've noticed that the driver side of the car has water on the floor most likely caused by all the recent rain we've been having. Would you have experienced ...

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Lucie beal

My car has very bad condensation on the inside most mornings, is this something you can fix? I haven'teft anything wet in the car and have a silica dehumidifier but it's still happening..thinking a possible ...

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