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marc barnard

Im looking to get my car ready for sale and need the alloys refurbed and some misc scratches in the paintwork repaired what would be the best and most cost effective approach to this as I obvioulsy do ...

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Richard Slater

Head gasket has gone on the car so what is it worth if I was to sell it to someone willing to repair it? Good Points: New Radiator, Stat and Water Pump. 2x New Front Tyres and a reconditioned gearbox. ...

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hi just wanted to ask you im selling a vw passat iv put 12 month mot on it and was wondering if it would be best to put tax on it to sell or could i get away with not puting it on? i want to sell it for ...

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Colin millward

how much is my car worth, it has 30k miles with full bmwsh, leather, cd chamnger etc Model: BMW X3 2.5 sport SM54 YJW

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Anne Whitley

There is a 1 inch crease in the drivers door panel. in the 3 year old MRX8 ia am buying. Can this been removed - Perrys have advised it cannot be done and are not wanting to discount the purchase price ...

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Tuoyo Ejueyitchie

I am based in Leytonstone. I wish to sell my car within the next two months. The car has some damage and would like to know: (i) if it is worth fixing it before selling or I am better off selling ...

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Paul Groves

Im looking to tidy up my car to sell and wondering if you could give me a rough quote/estimate for the following. I have a 30cm long key mark on the drivers door down to the primer, a shallow 10p sized ...

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feven fessazion

How much does my ford focus 1.8 five doors 2001 worth? It has done 100,000 miles but in very good condition. I am at Blackheath south east london. Model: ford focus

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Talenia Woodberry

how much is my car worth? It has 203,000 miles, its a 1997 Nissan altima and it only has a dent on the right fender where a deer ran into me. Model: 1997 nissan altima

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janice averill

my car is in excellent condition with brand new roof and rear hood front bukk bar fitted also how much is it worth i live in worcestershire Model: suziki jimny o2

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