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Bernie Franckel

I have a couple of door dents from folk banging their door against mine in car parks. My photo just about shows them as they can't be seen easily but from certain angles they are more obvious. See what ...

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David Lyall

Can you fix the dent in the boot (see picture) and if so, approx how much would it cost? Model: Renault Laguna

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Ian Plant

Please quote for the two dents on the photos. The first is where the door blew open and caught against a vertical post, leaving a pushed in dent in the middle of the panel. The second is a 4" diameter ...

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Jonathan Weatherley

Hi, I live in the Halstead (Essex) area and have recently purchased the above mentioned car. It has an approx 150mm long indentation in the form of a line on the passengers side front wing (see photo). ...

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Stephen Gilbert

Nick Dale

I have 3 dents in the roof of my micra - caused by someone walking on the roof. They are all shallow but 6 inches in diameter or so, and they are what remains after pushing the roof back into shape from ...

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Deepa Joshi

I was parking my car in its parking spot and accidentally hit the bumper of the car parked beside me. I was driving very slow while turning into my spot and pushed his left front bumper (he was reversed ...

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Sean James

Please can you provide a quote for removing the small dent on the rear panel of my Kuga. Model: Kord Kuga

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Mac Obermaier

Please provide price for dent removal nearside rear between tail light cluster & fuel inlet area. The dent measures 150 x 75 x 5mm. I live in Chepstow. Model: Hyundai Tuscon 06

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raf dilandro

I have a dent in the passenger door, how much would it cost to repair it. cause was from hitting a lamp post whilst opening the door. many thanks raf Model: vw golf

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