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Hello my name is Hugh I have three or four small dents in one door panel with no unbroken paint.As you can see this an old classic but in very good condition so it dose not come out very often, in fact ...

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Roland van Kralingen

Car damaged by the wing mirror casing of another car from the adjoining lande. Dent extends from top of mudguard onto the top of the door. Photos attached. Model: CITROEN C6 2007

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Chris Cox

The dent is on the crease of the door bodywork from another car door (car park). I'd say roughly 50p size. Are you able to work on this given its on the crease? Photos attached. Thanks. Model: Ford ...

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Hugh Murrell

Hello again Thanks for your reply.I have looked at your dent gallery and my damage are like smaller versions of the damage shown in dent two.Do you think you could help me out Thanks Hugh MurrellDon't ...

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Miss Kim Noonan

At the back of the Truck door there is a dent which we would like to have removed. Could you please give us a rough guide to price before we proceed any further. We are based at Trac Heaton, Mount ...

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Nick Sherwood

I have four small dents on the near side of my car and a scrape on the rear tyre (see photos.) Please could you send me a quote for gettting these repaired. I live in Noak Bridge, a village near Basildon, ...

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Sunny Ahonsi

I would like to know what can be done about this dent bearing in mind,that i would be happy even if the bit folded in by the headlight was not fixed. Also could i have a rough estimation of the type of ...

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Jason Tonks

Hi I was wondering if you would be able to provide me with an approximate quotation for the repair contained in the attached photographs. The dent is very small but quite sharp as the problem is ...

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Amanda guard

I have just discovered this dent on my off side front wheel arch, I was wondering what has to be done to fix it and roughly how much its going to cost? Many thanks Model: Fiat punto evo

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Bret Hester

Hello, Can you please let me know if the attached dent is rectifiable, I've had various people in the trade tell me different stories - Deff a repaint too large and has some straight line deforming ...

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