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Mark Freeman

Hi Guys, Could you let me know what my options are and price to sort a dent and chip out on my focus. Ive attached pictures, Then dented area is probable only 1cm in total with a chip in the middle ...

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jamie newcomb

I have a few dents on my car from where I scrapped a pillar in a multi story car park. Luckily there is no paintwork damage. The main dent, we managed to pull out by using a plunger but there are still ...

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Shelley Gaylor

I have a medium-sized dent to the driver's side rear wheel arch, 3 small dents to the two rear panels, a small scuff to the front of the car and minor scratchs over the car which I would ideally like ...

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Martin Alderton

Hope the photo is good enough Is this a possible, it is on the fold/crease at the top if the passenger door. It was another drivers handywork by being careless when he opened His door. I am 11 miles ...

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Katie Hipkiss

B45 0JZ I Scuffed my car on a small concrete block, It is at the front of the rear wheel on the passenger side, about 2 inches high, no doors have been damaged as it is a 3 door astra. but the scratches ...

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Richard Caines

I have a dent on the rear passenger wheel arch, I am located in Hornchurch Essex. The dent is quite shallow and appears that it has been dented by a car reversing or driving into it. Model: Ford Fiesta ...

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I live in Selsdon, South Croydon. The dent is on the drivers rear wheel arch. The panel is accessible from behind and I will be happy to remove the bumper to ease access.I would like to know if you would ...

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Rich Brierley

Hi Having swerved to avoid a truck I mounted a kerb which damaged the Front Off-side wheel at about 20 mph. Unfortunately the shock absorber didn't take all the impact as the tyre must have slightly ...

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Rajesh Agarwal

I have a dent in boot door (no paint damage) as shown in the enclosed picture. I want to know if it can be repaired? How much it will cost me? Model: Mini Cooper 1.6

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Hello I am baased in ilford and have 2 dents on my car, see attached pics, can you help? Model: Mercedes C220 cdi

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