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Ivor Michaelson

Small dent on drivers door Model: BMW 3Series 2008

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graeme blakey

This is a dent in a 3mm thick aluminium panel fitted as wall cladding to a restaurant fit out in central london which has been dented.We have matching spray paint on site.The panel is stuck to a plywood ...

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Greg Blatt

Dear Clean Image, Hope you can help? Someone has crashed or reversed into the front passenger door of my 2005 Peugeot 307, please see pictures attached, I realise it's quite a large dent but I would ...

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Hi My car has dents similar to the ones shown in your pics ( FR12) - they're not deep, but visible. Dents are as follows: Front left door - 3 dent spots Back left 1 or 2 dents Front right - couple ...

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peter morgan

bottom of drivers door, significant (rippled )dent on one panel, one c3ins, followed by one 6ins, Paint unbroken., on a brand new rental car. We live in West Sussex, c5miles south of Cranleigh, c3miles ...

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Cherelle Reid

My has a dent from a hit and run. There is a dent and the red paint remains from there vehicle. I live in London and my car was parked and left. Somebody has driven into it. (The photo is side ways. ...

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Tim Jones

Hi, I recently discovered a ding on my drivers door as shown in the attached photos. Not sure what's caused it as would have thought if a door from another vehicle was involved it would have hit my door ...

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Ross Thompson

i have a dent in the roof near the unroof, and was wondering would you be able to remove this? Ive had the headlining off and the roof seems to be double skinned so cant get access to it from inside ...

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Yvonne Ferguson

Can you take a dent out of an airstream caravan, based in West Sussex BN44 Model: Airstream Caravan

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Richard Short

Hi - I sent you a mail to this address: [email protected] but haven't received a reply. Text from message below (I had problems attaching photos to this form hence mail). Please can you let me ...

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