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Amanda Bamford

I have a 3 door 2013 Ford Fiesta. It has a dent on the rear passenger side wheel arch. I have no idea how it happened. The dent is about 5 inches long and the paintwork is intact. I am hoping this ...

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andrew laws

hi. We have a medium size dent inthe door of our car caused by catching the wheelie bin side which caused a dent at the crease of the door near the handle. We live at Ford End towards Great Dunmow and ...

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Mr. Ilya Andreev

Small dent and minor scuff on the rear panel. Please advise if you are able to repair it. I'm in Chelmsford town center. Model: BMW 3 Series

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Evan Strukoff

Hi someone had kicked in the panel above the front passenger side wheel arch. The paint appears to all be ok and there are no scratches. Also, there is a small dent on the boot approx the size of a ...

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Usman Hussain

Small scratches and scuffs to rear passenger side of car on the door. I'm located in Bradford, West Yorkshire Model: VW Polo

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We are in Stanford-Le_Hope. SS17 area. Car was parked in Morrisons car park not sure what has hit it, small dent over wheel arch also. On bonnett its not clear but two dents from debris bouncing off ...

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haider ali mehmood

Minor dent - boot cover without any damage to the paintwork. Please provide an estimate and the time to repair. Model: BMW 520D M SPORT

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Dave Greenway

I have a dent on my drivers door where someone appears to have opened their car door on mine. The vertical dent is approximately 2 inches long and doesn't appear to have scratched the paintwork. The dent ...

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martin perry

Pleas can you advise if you can repair wheelarch as pictured and an approximate price Thanks Model: BMW 525i

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Barry Thompson

01279428379 several dents to front drivers side wing Model: Ford Focus 1.6 2007

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