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Georgina McIver

Someone kindly scraped my car in a car park. It's on the rear passenger side. Photos attached. I would also like to book a valet. Model: Honda Civic

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Ella Matheron

Hi, My beetle was in with you for a valet and a pre sales repair last Saturday (15th) and on photographing the car the next day I noticed this mark on the rear passenger bumper (this was the area corrected ...

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Karthipan Gainsayer

Hey There I have a CL from 1999, i have 2 major problems i want to fix, and i hope you will be able to help me. i have attached pictures, where you can see in more detail. The problem is on my car ...

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Hello there, I live in stevenage and i own the above car which i bought about 2 years and have always maintained in good condition by myself, However i have never had the interior and exterior professionally ...

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Christopher Blackman

I recently had my car made 'new again' by yourselves. But have recently noticed a problem and it appears to be getting worse. You detailed the wheels and sealed them with a product called Inno-x, which ...

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Tony S

How do you professional get your windows clean? I spend hours doing it and the still end up with smears. There has to be a trade secret? Clue me up please! Tony - Colchester Model: Scooby

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i have a pink limo in my workshop that has been sprayed, but now the white vinyl roof is looking tatty with some small cracks and splits on the edges the customer can not afford the cost of replacing ...

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I sending picture, please what you can do about that, the car look good but i want perfect, Question 1103 for gold ...

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Brian Smith

My son got into some white spray paint and sprayed the stock 17' wheel. Then attempted to clean it off with something. ( I don't know what yet). It has "smoked" the wheele on one "spoke". Any rec. on ...

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hef jones

My car has just been waxed with carnauba wax and looks nice. A friend has just given me a supagard sealant kit. Can I apply this to my recently waxed car or is there preparation needed? Model: mazda ...

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