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darren stoneman

I washed my wifes new car in the sunshine, this has now left streaks and run looks all over the car, I have tried to polish but does not work, I used a general cleaning solution for cars, is there a product ...

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Dashboard of my Car is with scratches and is also greasy. How can In remove/repair or replace the dashboard. I am in Kolkata , India. Model: Hyundai Verna XXi

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chris graham

I keep my car in top quality clenliness but when I clean the rear window i struggle to get right into the bottom corners. Overtime it has got really grubby. Any tips would great. Thanks Chris Graham Carlisle Cumbria Model: ...

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tom keeling

Hi I was just wondering how much it would cost to have 2 cigarette burns removed from my rear seats and an ink stain removed from my front drivers seat, with a silver valet. regards tom i would be ...

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patricia peel

interia vinyl door panels which have faded in patches from a light fawn to a light grey plus part of the dashboard has faded from a light brown to a darker grey this is dew to ultra violet rays can ...

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If i brought my car across to have a gold valet , 3 scratches, and one tiny scrape front bumper plus 1 stone chip sorted out. Would i get my car back on the same day if i had the super blower and what ...

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Trevor Bailey

I recently had a new front wing fitted as a result of being reversed into. The colour of the new wing now shows up the rest of the paintwork - the roof looks more faded than I imagined! What would you ...

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Hi, we have recently purchased our car second hand and, whilst all other panels on the car appear to have excellent paintwork for the age of the car, we have an unusual 'cracking' effect on the paint ...

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George from Leicester

I know it isn't a car but, I need a professinal answer. My motorcycle has a MATT Black finish, I have read so many forums who give advice on cleaning/polish/waxing the Matt finish. How do I do it???? Model: ...

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Mr valentine

Hi had car clean on 30thjune got home find the front carpet Not clean Can u do it in the week 4 me . I came last year done good job that why came back again this year hope u can sort it out thank u ...

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