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Kenny Wilks

Hi, my car is Carbon Black paintwork with beige/cream interior. I regularly treat the seats to keep the leather supple etc. Problem is that I use the car daily and wear a belt around my trousers. The ...

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Andrew Summersgill

Hello My car has clearly been put through a number of auto car washes by previous owners and as a result the windscreen and side windows have been scratched which causes visibility problems at night. ...

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Mrs D Boys

The upholstery has been cleaned a couple of times by mobile valet. I think it now has a build up of cleaning solution. It has lwhite marks like water stains all over,also any rain drops on clothes/window ...

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April Cook

We have a hazy film on th chrome rims of our car and can't seem to get it off... Model: 1963 Impala SS

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Phil Brown

I am looking to have my car Valetted inside and out but would also like the drivers seat deep cleaned and the leather restored (to get rid of the faded areas and micro cracks). The seats are a light cream ...

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Sasha White

My teenage daughter has had the above car for 6 months and has just given it back to me and has trashed the interior. Its disgusting. Stains on the upholstery, food crumbs, hair, dirt and dust everywhere. ...

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Hi Gary, When you did Supagard on my car a few months ago, you warned me not to go to the manual car wash teams. What's the substance that you said they use that's harmful to Supagard? And .... What ...

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I have a ford fiesta which has been used as a builders car/van so is in need of a very good clean how much do you think it will cost. Model: ford fiesta

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Chris King

Hi, can you give me a price and availability for an engine clean. Model: Alfa Romeo 159

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Patrick Letford

Hi there. I'm buying the car this weekend and it has been used mostly for towing. The interior is cloth and is really dirty. How much would you charge and how long does it take until I would get my car ...

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