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Jenny Mjurphy

Hi Would you be able to advise on an approximate price for repairing my leak? I live in Fareham so quite a way away and need to work out if it's going to be cost effective. I noticed a leak in ...

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Hi, this summer my 2013 C4 Picasso began leaking from the roof, via the sun visor, centre light console and side airbag buttons, but the dealership haven't been able to recreate the problem and say they ...

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Hi there, Im from romford, i've bought my car in before to get some dents removed. the sunroof drains on my golf i think are blocked to some extent where the water in heavy rain mainly goes into the passenger ...

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sbah Malik

Hello I have a flood damage car that from the water line- see images attached has only reached the bottom of the seats. The seats seem dry and everything works in the car apart from it smelling a bit ...

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Hello, I'm somewhat surprised that you are specialised in this matter. Because it's very hard to find information about this situation and a place to get it fixed here in Iceland. I have a Peugeot 307 ...

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mike Moloney

i own a renault clio 52 reg and was looking at your site i have problems with the central locking i have fixed the sunroof leak which used to get into the footwells but still the central locking is very ...

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Jose Olaya

Afternoon, I own a 2 year old Focus which has recently developed a water ingress issue in the boot area. Water leaks in when it rains and accumulates in the spare wheel well. The car is only 2 years ...

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Ku Samra

Manufacturer:VOLKSWAGEN Model:GOLF HATCHBACK - 1.6 SE FSI 3dr Year:2004 :Black, Manua, Size:1600 2/08/2004 Front and back passenger floor carpet soaked. Front grill has been cleaned and hoovered ...

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Derek Nicholson

Water ingress into drivers footwell, carpet wet to the touch. Have taped up sun roof which appears to have prevented further ingress, suface of carpets not wet but sponge beneath is.It may be blocked/disconnected ...

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chris ranson

Hi I've got a rainwater leak problem with my car I've tried to locate where it's getting in and stop it many times it appears to be just the passenger side carpet that just gets soaked, its really starting ...

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