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David Ball

Do you know of anyone in the Wirral/Chester area that could provide a similar leak detection service to yours ? My wife has the above car and it has suddenly developed a major accumulation of rain ...

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justine clements

I have a leak within my car. Underneath the back seats are the main problem and the water seems to be coming up from underneath the seats. I have a manual sunroof and it is infact broken. However, my ...

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Glenn Wong

I live in Hagatna, Guam. I want to change all doors, sides, and back interior panels. I've already cut the plywood and its ready to be upholstered. I just need step by step guidelines to lay and glue ...

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James Du

Dear Sir or Ms Sorry to bother you. We are export of Park smart mat from China. Our park smart parking stop mat is good quality with low price. If you need import , will give you details. Best ...

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Just want to have an idea how to clean and protect a chrome alloy wheel so as to keep it shine all the time and protect it from brake dusk, tar etc Model: Nissan Hardbody

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Hi , just wondering if you are able to do anything to whats happened to my dashboard. It appears as if the material covering the dashboard on the passenger side has begun to peel off. I am unsure ...

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Anson Harris

Hi there, My black Golf has a number of keyed in scratches (approx 12) around the body panels, scuffing on a wheel arch and some kind of paint corrosion on the drivers side door frame. It's an ...

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Bala Subbarayan

I read your article on cleanup of a flood vehicle. I'm trying to cleanup a flood damaged vehicle. Most of the water damage is on the ourside but the dampness and some water at the floor level has caused ...

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Claire shuter

I have a vw polo and strong sun last year faded my dash from charcoal grey to a very faded pale grey it looks dreadful. Is there any product I can buy myself to put the colour in again. I live in Northern ...

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Paul Brown

Can any of your experts give me the winning lotto numbers please... Model: smart c ar se

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