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Shane Joyce

I have a some very small dents on this car and scratches all around it. When can you have a look and give me a quote for repair. Id prefer to get it dont ASAP. Many thanks Shane Joyce Model: ...

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Tania Guetta

How much will cost me the dents and painting as per attached pictures I took of my car?and how long it will take? Thanks, Tania Guetta I made probably some mistakes when I uploaded the photos- obviously ...

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cardash borad drivers side where air bag is is broken and is coming up i need it stuck down iv tried to could you repar it and how much, i live im ilmister somerset Model:

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Ms Petra Weeks

Location: East Hanningfield / Howe Green Problem: Slow leak from Rim / Tyre interface. General Wheel condition: Good. Question: Cost / Time to resurface interface. Model: MGF

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cindy bailey

yes please help! I just bought the most soft comfortable rocker/recliner Jan 21. It was like $300.00 and I paid 16.00 it is a Simmions. Since I loved the chair so much I was gong to get a chair cover ...

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Bud Lauria

Do you have any locations in or near New Jersey, USA? If not are you interested in opening one? Model: 2005 Mercedes Benz c230 Komopressor

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andy hopkins

i have got scratches from kids kicking(shoes) on the glove compartment and I have scratches were my keys have been rubbing on the plastic dash when hanging down from the ignition.. Is there anything I ...

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adrian goldsbury

i have some interiour work that i would like a price on inc drivers seat side wing and roof liner i live in burton on trent de130hb and work in leicester le127rz Model: 1990 mk2 golf gti

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Juliet Hendon

I have a small paint chip at the very front of the Corsa (new). Please can you call me back with a quote for repair - to be done as soon as possible. Thank you. Location. South Birmingham. Model: ...

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Marsha Thomas

Do you know of any place that repairs like your place near Dallas, Texas? Thanks! Model: Dodge Ram Truck

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