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I wrote earlier--some auto fragrance leaked and spilled onto the plastic silver panel next to the gear shift. This cause the paint to dissolve, leaving white spots. How can this be repaired professionally? ...

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Carla bailey

I have I cigarett burn on my front passenger seat I was just wondering if it's possible for it to be repaired?? And if so how much would it cost Model: Vauxhall corse 2007

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lisa finlayson

Hi, i have super glue on my seat about the size of a 10p piece, ive had the car valeted but the glue is still there, the valeter said to contact yourselfs, how much would this cost to remove the glue? kind ...

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I have just repaired a 12X12 inches of the back panel on my Celica.You can see where i taped the area off.Have you any tips how i can blend the panel so it is not so noticeable. Model: celica 2002

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Hi, I just noticed you are in Essex and im in the North West...just wondered if you know of anyone in the NW that does the steam cleaning of cloth seats as you do. There appear to be water marks on ...

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Hi I had a set of wheels referbished by one of your recommended companies (think up north?) just wondered if you had their number as the job was done badly to add to that they have been dry stored and ...

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richard owen

can this dent be sorted? Model: bmw z4

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I have 100% leather corner sofa 2+2, which is black in front and white at the back. I want to re-colour the white sections to black so it can all be one colour. The sofa is a year old, but its only been ...

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Galin Mamarov

Hi, Could you please tell me how much a small stone chip repair on the front windscreen is? Regards Model: Mercedes C220 (2004)

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yvonne Dann

there are 2 small holes on the back of the driver seat not deap more or less on the sufface but the fabric is oen a little can send you a photo on my mobile if thats ok i am in the hall green area ...

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