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Maria Pellegrini

How much would it be to repair the crack/scratch in the attached image. Model: Mazda MX-5

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Jason McCutcheon

Hi, Could you let me know if the attached photo would be repairable, it is on the centre of the back seat. If it is repairable, could you let me know how much it would cost and availability as we would ...

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colin munro

i got a fag burn on the red fabric no bigger than a penny can u fix it? i stay in aberdeen how close are u? Model: honda civic type r

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Hello, I need my front bumper touched in and my bonnet, I am also looking at getting the leather done at one point and just need to know some prices, for all this to be done, I also have my dad who ...

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Len Harvey

My roof is leaking.So far I have replaced the main seal at the front of the roof at a cost of £350 and the seal that meets the roof on the drivers door at £150 .I have had the gutters cleaned and the ...

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carl king

i a small dent size of 1p on fronrt wing and light scancths about a foot long on front door Model: merc 320 cdi

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Tim Bradley

Hi, I have some carpet mats which I’d repaired if at all possible please? I’ve attached some pictures of them to give some idea if what I asking for … are they repairable? Thanks a lot ...

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I recently had one section of my dashboard, above the glove box damaged, through a spillage. Caused by an interior cleaner, some of the paint has come off. I have had someone come out to respray the ...

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john newton

i have a problem with the passenger door card folowing a repair to a window regulator. When openig the door the door card comes away from the door. It's been back to BMW but still the probem has resurfaced Model: ...

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Gurpreet Randhawa

Hi, I have a 2005 BMW 523i M Sport. My engine bay has a build up of dead/old leaves - will a steam clean be suitable to remove this? And if so, how much would this cost? I live in Old Moulsham, ...

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