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Stephen W

Do you travel to or have the facility to get to clients to valet cars? If you do, is there any sort of special offers/deals you could provide to our company at all? Steve

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David Bisset

Renault Megane, P Reg Hi, The rear bench seat is ripped along the central seam and the driver's seat needs replacing. I am not in a position to buy a new car, so would like to improve the one I ...

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Nino Krugel

Hi there would just like to find out an approximate cost for the following. I have an Audi A3 sportback and would like the interior cleaned so its looking like new again. Any feedback would be much ...

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Wehrner Otto

Hi, I recently purchased the above mention car an a recent thorough interior and exterior clean revealed the following 1) A number of stone chips on the leading edge of the bonnet, a couple of scrapes ...

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Dear Sir/Madam, Can you please tell me how much you would charge to Waxoyl my motorcaravan, it's a Lunar roadstar 570 Scl 1998 model & it's in good condition. Thanking ...

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dilbagh virdee

This vehicle is 2004 model and I would like the stone chips and scratch caused by jealous vandal to be repaired . Also if possible alloy wheels will need attention. Your help to solve the problem will ...

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Peter Lynch

I have recently bought this car, the dash is in fantastic condition for the year (04) however the in car phone fit has been removed leaving the two unsightly holes as seen in the photos. What i am looking ...

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Jonathan Scott

Dear Sir, I am looking for an inclusive price and approximate guide of how long you would need my car to offer the following services: 1. Full connolisation of leather seats - front/rear/handbrake ...

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Kevin Wookey

My Alfa (57 plate) has quite a few stone chips through motorway driving (18000/year) and some wear and tear through car parks etc. There is also some paint damage when I picked up the car (which has never ...

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Marc Bertrand

I would like to find out about quotes, etc for my car. I am looking to get little odds and ends straightened, buffed, touched up, painted on my car. Slight dents/creases in all 4 doors from some idiot ...

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