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Rheanna Finch

I have two dents on either side of my driver and passenger doors the dents are around 40 cm long each. One one of the sides the paintwork is chipped and dented and on the other its just a dent. Please ...

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roland spencer

hi - I have some kind of paint damage on the side panel of my honda. its been there since i bought it and im not sure what it is. im based in south london ive uploaded 3 photos, one zoomed in. it doesnt ...

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robert shipp

Hey. I'm wondering if it's poss to refurb 4x 15x7 silver one piece wheels (pics enc.) & if so whether you can do the 2 centre pieces also ('saucer' disc and hexagonal cap) ? Can you confirm cost and time ...

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I have fabric tears in the back seat along a seam that has parted and a similar smaller tear on the front passenger seat . I have deep scratches also on the corner of the rear bumper, can you help ...

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John Bradley

The plastic (or whatever material it is ) above the dashboard is cracked from the sun form the glass to the steering wheel almost. My question is ....can this be repaired and if not can it be replaced ...

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Branko T

Hi, Recently purchased the vehicle which was in fantastic condition apart from few small stone chips on front bumper and tiny dent (paint not affected) on rear right wheel arch. Since then parking ...

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jason tahir

hello i am just in the process of setting up my own mobile valeting business and with looking at your website i noticed you have your own shelter,this is something i am looking into and would like to ...

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Arish Khajotia

Hello, I would like to have the rims of my car repaired. It would be all 5 alloys, as I might as well sort out the fifth one in the boot. Please let me know the cost and time required. They are not ...

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Lisa Averay-Jones

Hello Do you do internal dash repairs? Something has broken inside/underneath my dash top layer here and the wonkyness bothers me. My location is Leeds Model: Audi a2

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hi, i am in kenya and i own a volkswagen golf cabrio chs no wvwzzz1ezyk009144 model 2001 i usually buy spares from cmc motors in mombasa kenya, but most of the time they say they have to import the spares ...

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