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Andy Tudor

Recently purchased this, has been sitting for a long time, window is badly stained w birdpoo. Wondering if it can be polished out ? No amount of washing helps. I am in Ellesmere Port area cheers Andy ...

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Hello I recently put my hand through the back of my renualt covertable rear window, the plastic window had become brittle over time. i have repaired it tempurally with platic resign but do you provide ...

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Jeff Markham

I have had the car from new and kept it clean but never retreated the roof. It was supaguarded from new and is parked outside. Although the roof does not leak, in really bad weather it gets damp inside, ...

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Mark Hefferland

There are some marks on my hood that I think were down to the previous owner perhaps putting the hood down when wet ? The hood itself doesn't leak or anything, but I would like to find out if the Renovo ...

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Nick Hayes-Wilson

hi my rear vinyl window has cracked quite badly on my Audi a 4 cab was wondering if you are able to replace this or if you have contact who could .i live in Malvern worcs many thanks nic Model: ...

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My car is fitted with a red canvas top that is about 4 years old. The colour is OK but I am concerned about the water integrity of the fabric. The rain seems to soak into the fabric instead of running ...

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Wajid Mahmood

Hi Kieran Thank you for your response. I am interested with going ahead with the service you have outline in your response. As for being able to get rid of the marks, hopefully as you said ...

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r shapland

what is the procedure for getting a roof ready for a revinyl or do you do a complete overhaul could you give a approx price thanks Model: ford Granada gxl 1973

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back window of convertable roof has a we burst on it can it be replaced im near inverness scotland Model: renault/megane

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George Tsoukkas

I have a hard top for my BMW which has sat on my car for 3 years. Having taken it off the roof inside is mouldy all over. Is this something that can be valeted? Thanks George [South London] Model: ...

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