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Katie Sweeney

Hi there Isn't hindsight a wonderful thing?! I have discovered your website only after receiving a letter from solicitors demanding £485 for repairs by the end of the week! We are obviously very naieve ...

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Mrs Comfort Boaitey

I been given short notice to return a lease car next friday. I have some scruffs on the alloys and bumper and 3 dents around the driver side door handle. Would you recommend getting them repaired? Roughly ...

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I live in oprington in Kent and am about to give a lease car back - I have gone throught the BVLRA guides and am confused as to what is acceptable damage. I believe most of the alloy scuffs are acceptable ...

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Hello Arron further to our telephone conversation, please find the pictures attached and the charges below. I'd like you to please advise - if any of the repairs can be considered as regular wear ...

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Howard Hunt

I need to return my car at end of lease and the alloys are corroded/scuffed. Please advise on whether these can be refurbished to a high enough standard to please Chrysler Finance. Located in Liverpool. Model: ...

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Steve Hall

Hi Guys, Could you advise please if you feel the attached images show dents, or simply panel imperfections? If dents, would you say they severe enough that they could easily be seen without the use ...

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Vic Westwood

My son has a leased vehicle which is nearing the end of a three year agreement. The car broke down at the weekend and requires a new clutch; part of which may or may not(according to the main agent) be ...

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Cheryl Banton

Hi, I've got a lease hire Mondeo Titanium X from Lex, which is due for return next month. I have heard horror stories from colleagues who are being charged huge amounts for what used to be considered ...

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Donna Flatt

Hi I'am coming to the end of my 3 year lease agreement and would like to trade the car back in with mercedes before the agreement ends (end July) but don't wish to be charged over the odds for the ...

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Jon Janjua

I have recently handed a lease car back. There was a very small dent in the rear bumper. It was about the size of the width of my finger. The lease company want to charge me £255 for replacing ...

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