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Paul Howson

The plastic light holder is broken up so I had to remove it and there are some scuff marks on the bumper but no dents. The light is still inside and working ! Can you get the plastic part and touch up ...

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John Bailey

Would the damage on the following front door chargeable? if so what should I expect to pay to rectify prior to sending the car back. The chip is down to the base coat/primer. I live in Newcastle. Model: ...

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Stephen Cox

Are you allowed to smoke in a leased vehicle. Our lease company said we are not, but there is nothing in our T &C's to say we can not smoke in the cars. Thanks Model:

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Terry Hanks

Hi i live in Earls Colne an have a car on PCP which is due to go back in June. I have a key scratch along the length of the drivers door and some Minor scratches that could probably be buffed out. Is ...

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Sophie Cowell

I have two small dents on my car from people hitting it with car doors. I can't see a dent like mine in you pictures but they are under 10mm but both look to have slightly damaged the paint work. There ...

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Les Cupper

When a vehicle is being inspected by a lease company, at the end of contract, is there a minimum distance the inspector should stand away from the vehicle to carry out his inspection, as i have been informed Model: ...

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bob parker

My company car is due to be returned in 3 weeks, it is 4 years old and 30000 miles, there are small holes on dash from mobile phone cradle, what do you suggest thanks Model: peugeot 404sw

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John Kerr

Hi, Would I be able to bring in my X5 for 1 dent and a scrape to be repaired not deep or large one is on the bonnet (dent) and the other is on the passenger side rear wheel arch. I would also like ...

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Matthew Heaton

I am due to return my car, which I finance on a PCP. There are a number of scratches, a couple of scuffed alloys and a more major crease on the passenger door where someone drove into the car. I would ...

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Paul Mascari

I just turned in this car after my lease ran out. There were two items I was charged "excess wear and tear" for: a scratch on the door and replacement of one tire. I do NOT dispute these items. However, ...

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