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Yekaterina Chang

Hi! I'm from Southern California. Over a year ago I co-signed for my ex-boyfriend (present at that time) a lease for a brand new car. My old one was used for a down payment. We are no longer together, ...

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Suliman Din

Hi, I was wondering if you could possibly review the photos and see what repairs need to be done please. I am due to return the vehicle to VW in December, I have been told VW in particular can be ...

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Mike Cadman

Can you look at the photos and tell me if you think the damage is more than reasonable wear and tear? Model: renault megane dynamique 1.4 dci

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Katherine s

Can a private party lease their vehicle to another private party without going to or though a leasing company. For example, my neice wants to lease her own car to me for six months. Thankyou. Model: ...

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Robbie Patton

Hi, my car is a lease car. I have a v shaped scratch on the walnut coloured trim next to the ashtray front fascia panel. This was caused by a key in someones hand. I'm concerned it could cause a charge ...

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My daughter just got three burn marks on her cloth interior of a leased car. Can you estimate the cost. They are all down to the white portion of the material. One one the drivers side and two in the ...

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Sarah hayes

Hi, I have tried phoning but it's been engaged. Just wondered if I can pick up my car Tuesday or wed am and how much the bill is? The Honda Civic that's going back to lease company on thurs Thanks Sarah ...

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Matt Porton

Hampton, TW12 1NP Bird droppings have marked the bonnet of the car and I suspect the leasing company will charge for this on return of the vehicle. Model: BMW 520d

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Andrew Dix

Someone went into the wing whilst my car was parked, no note or anything, its on a seam between two panels and the car is on lease. do you think it is fixable? Model: BMW 520d

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mayowa sotunde

I would like to know if any of the scratches shown in the images would be classified as acceptable wear and tear. If not, how much will it cost to repair each of them? Please see attached images for ...

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