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Barry O'Brien

I have a Citroen c4 Grand Picasso on a contract hire which is due to finish this year. Upon checking the log book I have missed the 12,000 service. What penalties will I incur when it goes back Model: ...

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Alan Black

My car is due to be returned after a 4 year personal lease with BMW. The car has only done 31,000 miles and I may pay the balloon payment and own the car! However, there are some marks on the rear bumper ...

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Karen burr

Hi, I am returning a car at the end of the month and when cleaning it out have noticed a small burn mark to the side of the drivers seat in the carpet and also a small tear in the passenger side foot ...

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Mark McDonough

Hello New Again. End of lease contract hire and need to get up to BVRLA Fair Wear & Tear standards. Have several niggly issues, the most prominent of which is this major scratch on the passenger side ...

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Sarah Cant

We have this care on a lease deal and need to return it in December. Obviously they charge for any damage so we are trying to decide if it is cheaper to get it repaired prior to the return. There are ...

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Adam Gray

Hi I'm in Staffordshire, I have a rip and a scuff on the back seat of my car caused by equipment sliding across it, I need to know of this is possible to repair and what an approximate cost would be ...

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Louise Fozard

Hi I have a leased vehicle that needs to be returned on the 25th February and has a cigarette burn on the drivers seat which I would like to get repaired as much as possible. It doesnt need to be perfect ...

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Looking to return my car to the finance company. Slight damage to the alloys. Can you tell me which ones if they are covered by fair wear and tear before I outlay any money on repairs Model:

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Sandra Wooding

I have a small dent in front passenger door from a shopping trolley and a couple of loading scratches ont he rear bumper that I require repairing, this vehicle is a lease vehicle and may have to be returned ...

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Dear Sir/Madam My silver RX8 has several damaged areas. My main concern is the scuffed right rear colour-matched silver plastic bumper as seen in the attached pictures. It also has a dent and scratch ...

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