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mark atkinson

Very near end of 3 year lease and noticed fabric damage to low right side of driver seat. I'm sure I've not torn it, I'ma bit bigger than average and its a bit twisty getting in and out of this low car ...

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Ashley Ross

Hi I have a lease car that is due back soon. There are a few minor scuffs etc and i would like to get an inspection done for the repairs............................ However I just wanted to enquire ...

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Mrs Maureen Hannah

Hi, I have volantary terminated my lease early and paid £1,029 shortfall to bring the amount to the required payment. The car was a ex demo model four months old with 4,500 miles on the clock when I ...

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Toniya Smith

Our renault trafic is due to be returned at end of contract in 2 weeks time, and has a nasty rip in the vinyl side of the driver's seat. Can you advise of somweone who can repair this to avoid and recharge? We ...

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Justin Pollington-Wods

I have a slight dent/scuff on the driver side from when someone clipped it whilst parked up. Just next to it on the 2nd pic is a very slight scuff. the 3rd pic is on the boot. I somehow acquired a very ...

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Steve Brady

Hi, my lease vehicle is due for return December 08 and I would like your opinion on the attached photo. I feel a repair is needed as the paint is worn through, perhaps you could advise on price and process? Regards Steve Model: ...

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Stuart Halliday

Hi Would you please give me an estimate on how much it would cost to have: 1, Two chips and scratch on drivers side door 2, Scuff on rear near side bumper 3, Full valet inside and out I ...

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Ralph Mason

I left the comfort and security of working for a company together with company car etc...and have personally leased a car for 12 months. I had reservations regarding my new venture and subsequently arranged ...

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Mike Farmer

Please see attached photo's showing boot lid paint damage (no dents) caused by carrying bikes on a boot lid carrier... Please confirm your price to repair ASAP This is a lease vehicle due to be ...

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David Webber

I have to return this lease car in December and need some work carried out. The work required will be to sort out a couple of dents in the drivers door, score marks on front and rear bumpers, 2 alloy ...

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