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george shelton

Hi there i am looking for someone to restore the front 2 fabric seats of my e30 convertible (there is some wear in the bolsters) and also restore an old vinyl hardtop that i have. Is this something that ...

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paul everest

Is it possible to convert dark brown leather to oxblood red by some sort of bleaching and re-dying? Model: rolls royce

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Eranda Aponso

will it be possible to get it repaired? Model: Audi A4

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oren barrie

I have a damaged door card.. can it be fixed ? Model: mercedes sl 320 1999

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Peter Burt

The drivers seat has some small surface cracks in two of the seat panels. They look like little black marks which on a grey leather seat show up. (See photo). Is there anything that can be done? The rest ...

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Faisal Haq

I need restoration of the worn bolsters of the driver's and passenger's seats of my car. (There are 5 picture which I'm sending individually) Driver's Side: The bolster has generally worn over time, ...

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philip castle

Can i ask how much to connilise and restore the seats (light grey full leather) a few (4) minor puntures on the door cards (grey padded plastic) The steering wheel has lost its surface/color due ...

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Micky CIeplak

Looking to have the drivers seat repaired. Please see photos attached Model: Audi TT Quatro

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Ruth Jeffery

Hi there, I have a small rip in the side of the drivers seat and I was wondering how possible it would be for this to be fixed? (Black leather, sorry no picture unfortuantely). I also have a damaged ...

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Victor Amokeodo

Leather Car Seat: (1)The seat is coming away at the seams by about 3 inches. I would like to have it stitched before it gets worse. (2) Scuffing: there is some scuffing in the same area, above and I ...

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