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Aaron Cabrele

Drivers seat has most wear on bolster and some looseness and discolouration on the seat part. Rest of interiour has general wear and ingrained dirt. Model: BMW 330i

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Stuart Cooper

Hi, I live in Chislehurst, Kent and have some wear damage to the sides of my drivers seat and passenger. The passenger side is general scuff marks but the drivers side has worn so badly it now has a fairly ...

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Malcolm Freeman


Hi, Can you quote me a price to repair the two areas on the pics. The first one is a typical wear and tear to the drivers side. The second is an unusual mark, it looks like someone has tried to clean ...

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Christian Lane

Hello, Would it be possible to give me a quote on restoring the leather on these two front seats. Very minor wear. I am based in Carshalton, Surrey. I also have a Jaguar S-Type and need the two ...

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Jonathan Grant

Please can you repaire the hold in the leather seat as attached which is about 15mm x 7mm. I think it was caused by the seatbelt buckle puncturing the side seat support. The leather surrounding it is ...

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john wilbye

What would be the cost of refurbishing the seats on this car http://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C155309/ Thanks John Avon Model: Morris Eight 1936

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Philip Duthaler

Hi just bought this a a present for my wife, got a few things that require some attention first of is a hole in drivers seat about the size of a 1pence is a repair possible the seats are Amarante red ...

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Chris Greg

Hi Alan, If you could let me know the name of the special stuff the leather trade use to soften up leather that would be great. I might get the front seats re-trimmed in black leather. They are ...

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