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Mark Oliver

Hi I am currently looking to change interior from fabric to leather using existing interior to include front seats back seats and door cards, don't want to go down the second hand route. Can you give ...

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Hi, The steering wheel of my Sedona is loosing it’s gray colour and it is turning black. I spoke to another Sedona owned and he has the same problem. So I think it is a common problem for Kia. I would ...

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Guy Brindle

Hi I have a 5 year old car with full leather interior. There are a couple of specific problems and just a general slight tiredness to the leather. I am based in Wimbledon. The specific issues are: 1. ...

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Luke Gosling

hello.. i have just bought a new car and by the looks of it the previous owner did not put much care into the half leather seats.. there are a few scuff mark and a couple of small rips, is it possible ...

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Paolo Ascione

Hi, I have recently purchased the above vehicle but the steering wheel leather has begun to peel away and I am therefore wondering if it is at all possible to look at restoring the steering back to its ...

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Terry Spooner

Hello I have a small tear in the driver seat by the shoulder and wondered if you could give an estimate or how long it may take. I live in Chelmsford <picture uploaded> Model: Mercedes CLK ...

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Railton Brown

Interested in price for mending seam and total leather treatment. Mostly in good confition but some scuffing and creasing beginning to look tired so if morethan one level of treatment thn please send ...

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Stephen Vullo

I live in South London andmwant the leather drivers seat, steering wheel and some of the console refurbed. Could you let me know if that is something that you would do? Thanks Stephen Vullo Model: ...

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I purchased this car recently and the driver side seat bolsters stiching has come away alittle, this needs to be made good and also a couple leather scratches. its tan leather and i would like to book ...

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Have a very small burn on the drivers armrest, but the leather needs freshening up. Car is three years old. Thanks. Model: Bentley GTC

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