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Martin Kimani

The 1st two pictures are of the drivers seat, on the right side the leather has started to wear exposing the abit of the fabric inside, the third piture is of the back seat where there is a small cigarette ...

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Hello, I have a problem with wear on the drivers seat in my 6 year old Land Cruiser. The wear is identicle to the picture that you have on your homepage. Please could you quote me for a repair for ...

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A Kyriakulis

Hi, I wanted to ask what can be done about the wear on this leather driver-side seat and how much it would cost. Many thanks. I'm based in central London so if you can recommend someone closer that would ...

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Stacey Miller

We'd like to know if the damage to the interior is fixable (See attached) and how much it'd cost please. Stacey, Colchester, Essex Model: Mercedes 230ce

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John Gillies

Driver leather black seat worn & torn Model: 2002 Peugeot 206cc convertible

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Mark Hudson

Please could you advise the best repair for the black, leather drivers seat pictured? I am based in North London (postcode N21 1SX) Many thanks. Model: BMW 320i SE

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Mike Barry

I am looking to do connollising to the leather seats in my 96p chimeara, not sure where to start and what products i will need to do it. Can you advice what i need to buy and how to do it? Kind Regards. Mike Model: ...

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The Shark grey driver's leather bolster is very worn. Can you (see pictures) repair this wear? If so, can you give me an idea of cost and the time it would take? Thank you kindly. Simon N17 London. Model: ...

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Chris Greg

Hi, I have just brought my car, it has wear to the drivers bolster and also the leather fells more like vinyl, very dry and hard. I have cleaned and conditioned it with Autoglym which has made a bit ...

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Jonny Rodgers

I have wear on the two front seatds and a worn steering wheel. Could you quote for a leather refrurbishment? I am based in Clapham SW4 9HZ, but can leave the car out to you. Model: Porsche 911 ...

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