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Stephen Brown

Hi, my father brilliantly reversed into my car last night denting the rear drivers side panel and I need a quote to get it fixed as soon as possible as I don't want the winter salt on the road to get ...

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Hi, my car was keyed last night and am looking to get it repaired. I have attached photos of the damage. The scratch in the front panel is the deepest. Would you be able to let me know if its repairable, ...

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Katie Bell

We have 2 panels of scratches on the rear (passenger side) and the rear bumper is scratched, just wondering if this would be something you could help us with? Model: Volkswagon Golf

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Bo Yan

My name is Bo Yan and live in Grays. I scratched my car a couple of weeks ago and need to repaire. Honda CIVIC 5dr 2009 model, crystal black. Scratch is on the right rear panel as shown in the ...

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Alex Pateman

Scratched my fiesta while reversing off my own drive! I live in Greenhill, Sheffield, South Yorkshire. The car's a blue ford fiesta zetec 1.4L 5 door 03 reg - which I've not had for long. As you can ...

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Dominic Walker

Small dent on right-side rear panel above wheel. Some rust. Model: Lexus RX300

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Michael cardy

I was trying to move past a pillar at work as the main gate was shut, so had to squeeze past. As I did so the rear driver side wheel arch clipped the pillar causing a series of scratches about 4 inches ...

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Dean Lester

Hi i was wondering how much it would cost to repair this dent/scratch in the top part of my rear quarter above the driver door. i dont think you could get behind it to knock it out. would you fill and ...

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Arfan Malik

Car has been reversed in to a pole, have a dent in rear bumper and tailgate, can this be repaired? I have attached pistures, based in Bradford. Model: Afla Romeo GT

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Beth Goodenough

Hiya based in Newport Wales. I'm trying to get together a few estimates after my neighbour decided to decorate her car with mine yesterday. Was wondering if you may be able to help with the attached ...

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