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Damian Byrne

We would like a quote on three areas of minor damage. The back driver side bumper and wing mirror are minor paint scratch's and passenger side front wing is a small dent around the size of a 20p piece ...

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Colin Tooze

Please could you give me your best quote to repair my passenger side rear panel (photo attached) as my wife scraped it coming out of a parking garage. I'd like to avoid using my insurance so your best ...

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Lydia Lowe

How much would it be for the dent removing? Its on the bottom panel of the car underneath the window. Model: Vauxhall Corsa

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Am based in Birmingham and looking to buy the above car. However, there is a small dent on the top of the boot of the car, near the spoiler. Please could you give me a quote for how much this would ...

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Ivan Petej

Hi. I have a small dent on my back right bumper (photo 1)and also a scratch on the rear panel (photo 2). I was wondering if you think it could be restored to a good value without the need for complete ...

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Alan Robertson

I'd be grateful for a quote for fixing the paintwork problems (see attached photos). There is a small dent over the rear right wheel arch, the rest are damaged paintwork but with no deformation of the ...

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steven florence

I have a dent the size of a plum to the bottom of my front drivers side wing which has caused the paint to ripple. The dent needs to be knocked out and resprayed. The dent has caused a small area of the ...

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guy de froment

SW19 5BE Good morning; slow speed impact with a wooden post driver s door 3 dents: below door handle 2/3 of the way down the door around the bottom chromed strip. Thank you for your help Model: ...

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Ryan Malone

Had a bump at a roundabout with a Vauxhall Astra, just a clip really. Was wondering how much it would cost to fix this (together and separate prices) and what would actually need done? On first look ...

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Allan Ho

Are you able to restore the dent and cracked paintwork received on the boot of my Mazda 6 back to its original? If so, please kindly provide a estimate? I live in Hemel Hempstead, Herts and have been ...

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