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i have discovered bad scratches on the doors of the car , and the finder . i wold like this repaired and need your expert advise as to how , which is very cost effective , as the body shops , are ...

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David Williams

Can you advise if this scratch can be repaired and the cost? Model: Honda Accord Tourer 2005/06

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Sue Dorrell

How much would you charge to repair this and how would you do it? Model: Skoda Fabia Est 1.9TDi

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Robert Tully

Hi, I have damage to the ear quarter of the above listed vehicle and am searching for quotes to get the damage repaired. The damage is to both the rear pannels, petrol cap and wheel arch. I have attached ...

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Craig Bannister

Hi Guys I hit my car on a trolley bay a few months ago, i had someone look at it and while they could re-spray the area he had issues with the bumper as one bit has been pushed in slightly and needs ...

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Andrew Wightman

Please can you advise if you are able to fix the dent in the tailgate of a Peugeot 207, picture attached. Clean depression, no scratches or damage to paintwork Model: Peugeot 207 Sport

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Hi, was hoping you guys could let me know if this damage is repairable? Appreciated. Model: Subaru Impreza

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Tomasz Wasik

Can you provide me with the quote for the following dent and scratch on the paintwork. Model: Vauxhall Corsa SXI 2002

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Anthony Crross

Can you repair damage to bumper and all scuffs/scratches, there are multiple scratches and scuffs to either side of bumper. I am in maidstone but can travel to get it fixed. Model: Ford Focus

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Hi I got into a minor accident with a honda crv. The other party wants me to pay for the damage on their car. The damage is relatively small it is a grazed bumper scuff on the plastic trim of on the drivers ...

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