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I was parked quite close to a skip on my right, I went to reverse and scraped and dented the front right of the car The dent isn't too deep but the main scratch has removed all the paintwork and there ...

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Kevin Blyth

Hello, Thanks for replying to my question 2459, but what I really wanted to know is whether you can repair the scratches on the two doors of my car, how would you do it, and how much would it cost? ...

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Alainee Kent

HI there, my car was scratched over the wheel arch by a clamp. Could you please quote via email to remove the scratch with the service you recommend? I am in London SE15 The car is a Mazda Eunos 1993. ...

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Alec Dyki

See attached photos of 2 separate dinks both on same side of vechicle. 1st one is on side below light cluster and just above crease – no paint damage. Photos 1 and 1a. 2nd – Edge of rear door scratched ...

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dewan choudhury

hello i have a scuff of the front bumper and a dent on the drivers side wing, could you able to fix them for me and if you could how much will it cost me to get if fixed Model: Nissan primera

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Daniel Bell

have got a chip on the back of my boot just below the boot handle is about the size of a 5 pence piece, the jet washer took the paint off whilst cleaning, im situated in swindon sn3 4xy how uch for a ...

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Rohan Bohra

I would like to know whether you are able, and the approximate cost of repairing the following dents, scuffs and areas of misalignment. Thanks very much Mr. Bohra Model: BMW 3 series M Sport

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Robin Williamson

Repair scratches Model: Kia Sportage

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Ankita Shah

Passenger side back door was knocked into by another car. There is a dent on the door as well as adjoining frame. Attached are the pictures for more detailed look. my postcode is n11 1eh, new southgate Model: ...

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Dennis Fitzpatrick

Hi, Would you be able to give me a quote to fix a dent on the driver side car door, have attached picture. Thanks Model: Honda civic s 2003

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