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Paul Metcalfe

Hi Would like to get a quote and timing (when could you have the car in and for how long would it be in for) I have picked up a dent in the passenger door - Sainsbury Car Park, car parked so somebody ...

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John Moser

No questions really guys; just booked in with NA and, following your recommendation Gary, herewith JPegs of the vehicle for posterity's sake (and sake of reference)! Although while we're at it, it ...

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David Cornwell

I live in Barnstaple, north Devon. I would like to have some work done on my Audi. I want to have the road wheels refurbished to the 3 year guarantee standard. I also want to have hood cleaned and weather ...

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Tom Newman

My best man decided to prank my car by placing a fish under each of the front seats, he did this on the hotest day of the year and I didn't discover it till the morning. The fish oil has obviously seeped ...

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Jeremy Court

Alloy Wheels: I have a small scuff on my front left wheel - can this be repaired? Bonnet chip: I also have a small stone chip on the bonner - colour is Sea Grey (metallic finish). I can buy the paint ...

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Tony Coughlan

I have 4 scratches in total that i would like a quote for. 1 is about 12 cm long by the passenger wheel. the other 2 are on each door and are small stone chips samller than a 5p piece. the worse one is ...

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Ian Chapple

first pic is scuff/scratch on drivers side front bumper and second is a small dent/chip on the bonnet can you do anything with these ? if so what am i looking at cost wise ? Cheers Ian Model: ...

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Matthew Skidmore

Hello, Two weeks ago I noticed the carpet in the drivers footwell was sodden wet with rainwater. I have taken the following steps: - Visited local garage and they clarified it was rainwater and ...

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When's a good time to bring car in for a quote for a few smart repairs? Model: jaguar XJ8 Carnival red

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Hey there my Father recently passed away and left me his car but its a bit neglegted and i would like to fix it up can you help? Model: Toyota Cressida/1992

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