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Peter sellars

I have recently acquired this car which is inexcellent condition with the exception that the previous owner smoked Cigars in the car. Hence there is a very strong smell which I have not been able to ...

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Neehar Hariname

Hi, I am planning tp buy a 2004 Jeep cherokee which has a lot of cigaratte odour and dog odour. How much should I expect to spend if I want ot get rid of these odour. The seats a leather and suede ...

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Kylin Pieper

We've just purchased this vehicle a few days ago...we had been told there was no smoking done inside the car by the previous owner, but of course now after several days there is a smoke odour that seems ...

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Clayton Lee

I would want to find a product that would eliminate the odor of spilt milk. My wife went shopping and bought a gallon of 1% homogenized milk and about half the gallon spilt in the trunk. We didn't clean ...

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Anita Tobolaski

I resently got a car that had been stored in a garage. In the garage there had been a freezer full of meat. The owner did not know the freezer had become unplugged and was away for two months the car ...

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Peter Baron

Hi I've just bough this used car (last week) from County Motors in Chelmsford and there is a horrible smell inside the car. It reminds me of sour milk. County Motors has steamed cleaned the car and ...

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I have cigarette smoke in the car and in the air conditioning can you help when I bout thee car it had been cleaned sonic did not smell it 4 months in I can't sit in it irritates my nose. Air con ...

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Barish Ozdogru

I have purchased a used vehicle,. I want to get rid of tobacco smell inside the vehicle. If i bring the car to yourselves how long does the process take? Model: Lexus RX400h

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Tom Ottignon

My car suffered from water damage that was sorted out using Biobrisk. The majority of the car now smells fine but unfortunately the headlining now smells strongly of this chemical and I cant seem to ...

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Ian Brown

Hi A couple of weeks ago we had a small petrol spillage in our boot, despite every effort to remove the liner and clean it, spraying the boot cavity and car and leaving it overnight, leaving bowls ...

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