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lorraine clements

Would theses scratches need a respray or could they be tcutted Many thanks Model: vauxhall meriva

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Chetan Thakore

Hi, I have light scratches on my rear driver’s side quarter near the arch. Could I have a quote to rectify? I think it should polish out but do not want to try a rotary polish machine by myself ...

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andrew evenden

hi i am living in west sussex nr gatwick 2 weeks ago some tit has scratched my vw its been actually drew on it is above the passenger door as onto the roof i have sent you a picture so i am wondering ...

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Andrew evenden

Don't forget to tell us where you're from! hi not sure if my last e-mail went through i am living nr gatwick airport (crawley) can you let me know if you can work some magic on this scratch thanks look ...

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Andrew Bagguley

Hi there, I have recently bought a car that appears to have had a lot of respraying done, particularly down the nearside pannels. Whilst it looks like a comprehensive job (in terms of no dints, colour ...

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Glory Marshall

Hi, I have a swirl mark possibly from an automated wash done recently. Please can you give me an idea how much it will cost me to polish the scratch? Model: BMW 3 series

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network q purchase opted for safegard body paintwork protector ....on collecting the vehicle was aware of swirling all over the paintwork i thought the safegard process was a system that alieviated this ...

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Paul Sutters

Hi there, I have an 11 year old Porsche Boxster. It is navy blue and has alot of swirl marks around the body. I'm interested in having these removed by yourselves. I'm on a budget since I just bought ...

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Sharon Keaney

Hi - I wanted to get my Polo's paint work smartened up. Lots of swirls all over it. Nothing deep. Any ideas on costs and roughly how long it would take to do (I know you probably need to see it but ...

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Balaji Madasamy

I have a little chipped away bonnet about 5 cm on front and a scrtach on the Left side of the car near the door side. Can you look at it and provide a reasonable quote for service Model: Hyundai Tucsan ...

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