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Martin Lawrence

Can you give me a rough idea of cost, it is a single key scratch along the length of the LHS of the car, can just be felt when you run your fingernail over it. Model: subaru Impreza

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richard webb

Hi I have a cut (deep scratch) on some plastic/rubbber trim beneath the back window in the car..probably about 2-3 inches long which I would like removed. Is that something you can help with? I ...

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tony glover

pidgeon poo has damaged the paint work on the bonnet..aprox the size of a two pence piece . the damage has taken the paint away right up to the metal. can anything be done or would i need the whole bonnet ...

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Simone Singh

Can you repair scratches attached. Cheshunt EN8 8EJ Model: Volswagen / Golf

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Hi I have a very long key cut, going from the back of driver's side passenger door, to the drivers door. Its a very long line. Its not too deep but very noticeable when u have a close look up. What's ...

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Narayan Patel

my car has been keyed badly, is there any way to repair it without respraying it? the scratches are quite deep and are all over the car. Model: honda civic 2001

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jim mcnab

i have key scratch on drivers door about 3ins long i think it is down to metal,also some small scuff marks3 in no.each about 3ins square,i have touched up with manufacturers paint but still shows?i live ...

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i live in leeds, i had minor scratches on both the boot and bonnet. my car is a blue color, and i want to know how much does it cost. thank you. Model: 2007/ bmw 5series

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Rob Turpin

Hi. About 6 weeks ago I noticed a rust spot on the roof of our car, which was about 5mm or so in diameter. It shocked me because, although I don't clean the car myself (it's done at local handwash) ...

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Juan Damiani

My White sequoia has alwyas been in the garage overnight and I live in Florida. I only rarely applyed any wax. Now the paint is dull. I took it to a detailing place and they told me that there was nothing ...

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