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Tim Murphy

Hi, could you please give me a quote to repair a scuff on my rear bumper (pic attached). Also, my car has light surface scratches on a few panels, the worst is the drivers door, only really visible ...

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HI, I posted on the fallout article and was told I could upload photos of my rust issue on my car. Let me know if this looks like fallout/rail dust. I have approximately 21 pictures of little rust spots ...

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Kevin Headley

Hello, I have just bought a Preg Mazda MX6 that has been storage for the last 3 years. The car has just got it's MOT and due to the storage it needs a good polish, but I have noticed that the bonnet ...

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Max Snow

Help! I was preparing my car for sale and decided to touch-in some paint chips. But, on one of them, I went too far with the wet and dry. What can I do? Or am I looking at a complete bonnet respray ...

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Keith Pinnock

Hi. I have just bought a lovely silver SLK with no dents or damage (unusual) but lots of road rash, mainly on the bonnet (usual) . Most of it are tiny small nicks but a couple of areas (including one ...

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Nina Gavens

Hi Had my car keyed down to the metal work on the drivers door, The scratch has followed through onto back panel but not broken the paint, prob just needs polishing. I am based in North Weald, CM16. Could ...

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mark heather

Hi Please find some pics of about an inch and a half scratch on the bonnet of my wifes car.You can just feel it with your fingernail.I am in crawley in sussex. Model: Citroen DS3 1,6 vti

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Philip Machin

Hi, I recently bought a second hand Golf, and noticed a few things with the paintwork. The first picture shows a blemish on the bonnet, a few inches across, possibly the result of bird droppings. ...

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matthew greenwood

I have recently asked Aaron a question about the light scratches on my car. He suggested machine polishing (obviously better than the garage valeter - suppose people aren't that picky) and then resealing ...

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Lisa Harrington

I have a couple of stone chips on the bonnet which have gone right through the paint and primer and rust is visible. Can you please give me advice on how to deal with this before I repair the stone chip ...

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