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Ashly Kersch

I have bad scratches on the hood of my car. Would you be able to fix it with out repainting the car? and around how much would it cost me? Thanks Model: 2000 Nissan Maxima

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Laura Nicoll

I've just gone out to my car and discovered that a neighbours labrador has jumped up all around it dragging his claws down the paintwork . The main damage is on the drivers side from the drivers door ...

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Pearl Bayford

I have a golf that is a little tatty with minor scratches and paint work problems, therefore would like a quote to have a complete re-spray. The car is diamond black in colour. Thanks Model: ...

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James McElhone

Have a few stone chips to front which I would like to be sorted. Based in Cambridge area but happy to travel for a good job. main chips 3 on the front valance. Also interested in paint protection products ...

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daniel manton

hi ive recently purchased my 52 plate sapphire black bmw 525i which on close inspection is covered all over in light scratch marks and scuffs.(looks like car wash brush marks) can you restore the paintwork ...

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Mark Clements

Hi There I have a 2001 BMW 330 Convertible and the paint is starting to show signs of ageing. (Mainly swirls from cleaning etc) and just day to day use. I love the car and plan on keeping in for a few ...

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Steven Fowler

My W reg Mk2 MX5 is looking a little tired. It is red and although most of the bodywork is not too bad, the bonnet is suffering badly from "pink bonnet syndrome" i.e. the red paint fading. How long ...

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Nina l Hokanson

This car is a light taupe and the shine has left the hood and trunk and if you look closely you can see spidering in all the paint. Can this be restored? I don't really want to repaint so that it remains ...

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Oliver Korn

During the summer I was away for 2 weeks and left my car under a tree, at the same time building works were being carried out on my block of flats. A combination of both the tree sap and dust from the ...

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Tara Russell

My friends car has been scratched on purpose with a key. Drivers side it starts from the back to the front this then goes over the bonnet and then deeper down the passengers side of the car. I was wondering ...

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