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Jonathan Brookes

Have a couple of patches of Bird Lime damage to bonnet. Car colour is Black Sapphire and Diamond Bright protected, but paintwork nevertheless discoloured. Can anything be done to rehabilitate this? Cost ...

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Colin Craddock

I have just purchased this car on a lease purchase agreement for nearly 16K on behalf of my son. There are number of bird droppings marks that have pitted the paintwork on the roof area and would like ...

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Julie Williams

location: Norfolk / Suffolk border IP21 I read your article about dull / faded paintwork. My red VW Polo looks similar to the VW Golf in your online article- in terms of condition of paintwork. I ...

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john traynor

I have some cosmetic chips and scratches to sort out. Drivers door edge, rear quarter panel and wing miror. Maybe 8 separate marks in total. About 4 stone chips are quite deep and will need building ...

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Scott Booty

I need a rough idea of the cost of correcting a number of minor scratches on the car before I trade it in for a new one. Almost all of them are very very minor, but I want them sorted before I take it ...

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Mr E A A Pocock

I live in Reading Berkshire. Last year I had my golf protected by you with supaguard. Whilst washing the car today I noticed a small amount of scuffing and some minor scratches on the rear door and ...

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Neil Mould

I have a 91 MR2 turbo which i believe has a solid base paint. It has faded and does have scratches. reading your website i was wondering how much it would cost to buff the whole car back to new please? ...

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How much would it cost to repair the following.. rough estimate please. Model: Audi a6

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Steve butler

Been a company car driver for many years and thought why not. Dolphin Grey and looks great - but there are some stone chips and scratches you would expect, including on side from carparks -.-. Not bad ...

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Robert S

Hi, I've been to you guys before when you touched up my rear bumper due to be backing into a wall.. Believe it or not I got rear ended last month and that whole bumper has now been replaced! The body ...

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