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Jessica Voss

Thanks for your previous email. As we look over the car more carefully, it is clear we missed a few things before purchase. We'd like to set them right when we fix the damage I did to the car. 1) ...

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Gareth Cooper

I'm in ESSEX Billericay. My dashboard has taken a scratch as seen form the photo I need to get this repaired as its unsightly and annoying, its indented so may need filling. Model: Peugot 207

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Philip Machin

Hi, I have a 4 inch wide scuff on my rear bumper. The bumper is dark grey and unpainted, with a slight texture that you can only really see if you look closely. Is this something you could do? I ...

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Steve Nelson

These are photographs of a third party's car that one of our vehicles hit. I am looking for options to repair this vehicle such that we get a good repair with as little disruption to the user as possible, ...

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Gary Langridge

Hi there Can you please let me know what options there are for repairing the worn areas on my cars centre console? The original colour is grey, and the black plastic is showing through, where the grey ...

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Tony Byrne

Hello, would it be possible to repair the damage to my dashboard as shown in the pictures. Each split is no longer than in 1 inch in length ( There are 5 splits in total with some scuff marks). They ...

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Jessica Voss

We just bought this used Prius yesterday, and I managed to scrape the right front fenderon a brick wall when I drove it today. I am terribly upset about my mistake, and I truly hope you can set it right. ...

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Josh Hamer

Just wondering if you could give me a quote for these 3 repairs, 1st picture show where someone scraped past my car, 2nd picture shows a dent that occured when a friend decided to jump out of the car ...

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Barry Pottle

Smart repair rear bumper. See pics. Scratch can be felt with fingernail so its penetrated surface. Looks like a bag has been dragged across it. Main damage visible with some very small swirls up toward ...

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jake iona

i have damaged the pvc covering on the rear cover that comes down to cover the hood when its in its folded position Model: bmw m3 evo convertible 1999

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