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Isabelle Miller Da Silva

Hello There, Could you please let me know if you can do this job on my car. And also how much would cost. Thank you very much. Regards, Isabelle Miller Da Silva. Model: Peugeot 206 206 1.4 ...

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Charlotte Robbins

Hi there, I have two areas on my car that I need to be dealt with. First one is on the bumper showing a deep scratch which feels raised when you put your fingers over it along with some lighter ...

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Pls can I get a quote to repair a scuff on fr ns bumper. Also do you do alloy wheel curb scrapes? I'm in Chiswick W4 2SD. I'll sort out some fotos tomorrow. Model: Audi A4

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Mark Buckland

Hi, some idiot left me with the attached dent in a car park and I was wondering how much it would cost to put it back to it's condition last week when I bought it! I'm in Ockendon, Essex. Many thanks Model: ...

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Alan Robinson

scratch from passing lorry in right front wing - photos attached. Colour black Model: Peugeot 607

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William Dennes

I have acquired a relatively small scratch on the front nearside bumper (see attached photo) of my wife's Audi A6 (?from a raised kerbstone). I wonder if you can help and if so provide a quote for repair? I ...

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Dear Gray, We are the new entrepreneur into Turkey. We want to fix cars, buses and trucks with your producs.Please send us your price list with informations.You can find what is our needs bottom of ...

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Samad miah

i called the other day querying about the scuff that i have on my bumper. i scrapped it against a concrete pillar and managed to scratch the corner of the bumper. There is not damage or cracks, just couple ...

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Mrs V Cobb

I wonder if you could give me a quote for the repair of the scuff marks as in the attached pictures. I am based in Harrow (HA5 4AF) which would be the best location for me, but my husband does sometimes ...

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Amir Hussain

I need the interior repaired, I have taken 5 separate pictures, please could I get a quote, and time frame? Model: Mercedes SLK230

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