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Hello, While I was reversing I hit the wall which created a dent on the bumper, as seen per the attached photos. Can you please let me know - how much it could cost to repair this? - how long ...

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Rohit Kanade

I scratched my neighbors car (left door panels) recently while parking. It was so light, I did not even realise it. It does not look very bad. In fact the surface still appears smooth and shiny. The colour ...

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Gary Phillips

Can you refurbish dash components like the one in the photo. To replace this part it costs £60 plus fitting what ever that is. Seems to have had something drip on it that has removed the outer surface. ...

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James Napier

Hi Guys, I've got an interior trim piece that has a few scratches and scuffs to it. I've already removed it from the car and was planning to repair it myself. I purchased some SEM Landau Black vinyl ...

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Andrew Lockyer

Hi, I am after a solution to repair the holes left by previous car phone instalations on an early porsche 944. I'm based in Runcorn or Altricham Cheshire. Thanks Model: Porsche 944

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catherine foxwell

I have a cigarette burn in the roof of my mini and alos a bit of damage on one of my alloy wheels. I live in catford south east london, can you give me an idea if this work can be done and how much is ...

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Hi I have a cigarette burn on my drivers side, the roof lining i think its where it is. Could you guys make it less noticeable? i checked the video you have up and it looks less deep than that burn. ...

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Hi. I have a Mercedes SLK and the Center console has wear and tear (top vinyl has worn through to black base) on the arm rest and near the handbrake, the rest is in perfect condition. Is in possible ...

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Simon Manton

My car has a mobile phone bracket fixed to the dash. I would like to remove it but suspect that it will leave holes in the dash. Is there anyway to carry out an invisible repair to the dash? I'm in ...

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Ghoko Tharmaratnam

Please can you let me know if the following can be repaired and let me have an initial estimate inc VAT. Thanks Ghoko Location: 16, Tunbridge Wells, TN4 9RJ Model: GJ03 JRV

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