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hi im in derbyshire/nottinghamshire i have a cigarette burn in the roof liner is their a quick repair or is it a full roof liner would you have a rough price guide kind regards Model: vauxhall astra ...

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Another driver scratched and dented my car door when he opened his on a windy day. I believe the scratch has gone to the metal and not just to the primer. I need to get an estimate on how must it ...

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Vikki Campion

The interior on the rear passenger door has a scuff and tear(looks like something was removed from backseat and door was caught. Also the is a small tear on the back of the passenger head rest. We are ...

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Mansur Ramzan

Can I please have a quote on how much you would charge to put right the scratched on my number. it is an 08 audi A4. I am based in Romford. Thanks Model: Audi A4

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hi cneed to fixe miy car , my bumper is cracked i live in infield en1 4nt i have got a ford focus 1.8 gold coulor i dont have already photo for it Model: w354thr

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Mike Legg

Seat belt buckle has put hole in door plastic(?) when caught between door and sill. About 1inch dia. Can it be repaired? Mike Northumberland Model: Mercedes CLK

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could you help me i have a cortina with a vynal padding on top of the dashboard, it has badly discolored, it is grey in color, is it possible to re color the vynal top and also a small piece in the centre ...

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Hi, I only bought this car last week and put one of those air vent mounted air fresheners just above the radio on the centre consol, About an hour later i realised it had dripped so i removed it and ...

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Robin Parsons

Hi there, Got your details from goggle. Am looking for a repair quote for a scuffed / dented front bumper on a 2011 model BMW 520 with carbon black paint. Am based in Cricklewood - North London As ...

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Richard Briggs

Hello, i recently received some damage to my interior-light/sunglasses pocket unit from a Shell air freshener, it melted a line into the plastic, i have contacted Shell and they are asking for quotes ...

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