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Brian Holland-Jones

Hi, I have a small ( about 1.5 inch ) scuff on the top edge of my front passenger side bumper. Much smaller than your Rugby ball size suggestion. The car finish is Black. Can you give me an idea of ...

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Kunal Anshal

Hi I live in Barking. I scratched my car against a wall today. I'm unable to attach the picture of the damage done, so pls send me an email id where I can send you the picture. Can you please advise ...

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minor nick done with sharp stanley knife blade to underside of passenger door, the plastic area on the underside of the car. The nick is the width of a stanley blade and around 6 0r 7mm long. Blade did`nt ...

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How much would it cost to repair a key scratch which covers 3 panels? The scratch covers the panel above the wheel, the front passenger door & the rear passenger door. It's a long scratch and is deeper ...

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lesley rouffe

Rat chewed holes in CARPET and hole in rear seat I'm in braintree essex Model: citroen grand Picasso

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Ben Francis

I have just found a large Key line running down the passenger door of my car. As it is dark I am not able to upload a clear image. In your experience how much would this cost (ball park figure of course) Many ...

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Hayley Martinelli

Hi I live in Thurrock however i have no objection travelling to Chelmsford. On my rear bumper there is a section where the paint is coming off. If you have a look at the pictures I’ve attached, ...

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Jason andrew

dog scratches to dash velour needs tlc 81 Arne avenue Poole Dorset Bh124dp Model: Motorhome dash repair

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Tracy Vine

Ive taken a chunk out of the dashboard, whilst loading some skirting the other day. The dashboard has small dots in the design. Im hoping someone can fix it for me. I cant get the photo to you as on ...

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Luke Redpath

Hi, I've got a small dent (about the size of a 50p) and a scratch on the side of my car door. It looks like something has hit the side of my car as it passed - maybe a bike. The scratch is about an ...

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