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Hi Gary I've enclosed the photos. Thanks Edward Model: Landrover Range rover sport

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Will Barnes

Hi, I live in South West London, I have a worn away carpet underneath the pedals in my car and was wondering the best way of repairing the damage. Is it possible to fill the worn away area with similar ...

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George Robinson

I Believe the material is grey "brushed nylon",which has seen better Days. Its not too complicated, and I have all Winter to do the job, Indoors, taking out the complete panel and removing the old material ...

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Elise Collins

Hi, I have a cigarette burn in the roof lining of the car, it is light grey and is woven fabric, I am really hoping you will be able to repair this I have attached a picture for your info. Look ...

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Hi. My wife has just bought the Jag, but, the driver's seat has a very prominent lumbar support area (even when it is set at zero). This is giving her a severe back problem. Can you take the seat apart ...

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Katy rush

I have a tear in the drivers seat on the bolster bit where you sit. Please could you tell me how much this would be to repair. Model: Citroen c8

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Richard Hopkins

Further to our conversation yesterday and you discussions with Lookers Nissan (Chester- Adam McCready) please see the attached photos of the damage to the door pad that Lookers are seeking to get repaired. ...

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Viran Patel

I have a cigarette burn on the front passenger seat bolster, can this be repaired as we have decided to return the car instead of keeping it? I'm based in Romford. I've uploaded some pictures of the damage! Model: ...

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Nick Steward

Hi Having bought a car just days ago, I discovered these marks on the rear headliner. I suspect they are ash / cigarette marks / burns. Is this something you would be able to repair? Please advise ...

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Raymond Mullaney

Hello, The cotton on my seat is starting to break, i have ordered a new vehcile but that will not arrive until 31st July a part exchange has been agreed but i dont think this seat will last until then. ...

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