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Hi, would just like to know if this can be repaired or not. Model: Seat Ibiza 2006 DAB

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Hi i am in basildon just enquiring about how much it will would be to get these wheels refurbed and how long would it take. Also how long would it last before i had to have them done again? Thanks Model: ...

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Vincenzo Nigrelli

Hello there, wonder if you can help. I kerbed my alloys last week and need them refurbished. They are original Porsche split rim alloys and the kerbing on the nearside wheels is quite bad so may need ...

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KS Prabha

Front two wheel need repair please advice me Model: Benz B180 Sports

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i had my alloys refurbed 2 years ago and they have started bubbling, one worse than the rest. is there anything that can be done to make them look good again as i a looking to sell the car? Model: ...

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Kirtash Patel

Hi, I live in Purley, Surrey CR82JU and work in Park Royal, London, W3 0SL. So you can come and take the wheels at either place. Please can you provide me with a quoteation in repairing/making good ...

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hi ive just purchased these wheels. 3 have some kerbing damage and 1 has had some damage to the inside edge. The seller says its not a flat spot but I needed a second opinion and estimate of costs of ...

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Lenell Keyes

i want to know how much to paint my wheels that same color as the truck (black onyx) Model: Chevy / Taho Limited

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Phillip Hudson

I have uploaded a photo of the wheels for your advice as to whether they can be repaired Model: VW Polo 1.6 gti

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tonj jenkins

can you repair chrome wheels Model: bmw

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