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Ian Hazeldine

Hi there, I need these wheels refurbishing (photo attached). They seem to be undamaged but are just rusting and corroding. The centre piece is made from plastic with a TVR sticker on it. Could you tell ...

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Gordon Anderson

Are you able to refurbish the scuffs on my alloys? If so please could you give me a price to refurbish 2 17" alloy wheels for a 2007 Model Subaru Impreza. I live just outside Brentwood. Model: ...

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Hi, i found your website by using the google search engine. i live in north wlaes not far from prestatyn. I a BMW 318 with a buckled alloy wheel, please could you advise me of a rough estimate of how ...

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Samuel Mclean

After rushing to park, I completely forgot about the kerb on the passenger side and the front passenger alloy made quite an impact with the kurb. Unfortunate due to short ownership of these wheels. Photo ...

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wayne tytler

i have recently curbed my alloys,on the face and on the trim,as you can see its not pretty site, one alloy is on the front driver side(this is the second picture with a bit of tyre missing, i have ...

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Tony Wright

Hi I went down a reasonably large pot hole about 2 months ago and since then the steering never felt right. I had it all checked out and found that one front wheel was buckled. Also that there was a ...

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Richard Spencer

I want to get my wheels refurbished but am concerned the dig in my front inside wheel may be a bit deep to be repaired. The inside rear and outside front only have minor scuffs so should be ok. Can you ...

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i have a chipped or small lump missing out of an 18 inch toora wheel around the wheel lip its sort of bent outwoods but probley needs piecing in [ if possible ] it was caused about a year ago when skiding ...

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Mohammed Shahid Rafiq

Surface and Rim Scratchings to alloy wheels, they are 20inch Audi supplied twin spoke alloys with a laquer finsh, can you mobile repair them, i'm from Cardiff in South Wales Model: Audi Q7

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i have a set of standard zetec s wheels 15 inch.. 3 of which are buckled how much would this cost 2 repair?? Model: fiesta zetec s

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