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paul reid

Hi, im in chelmsford. Got a mini that someone has hit and not stopped to leave details. There is a scratch on the bumber / front wing (paint) and some bumper scuffing (plastic). Ive had smart repairs ...

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Alan Ford

Hi, unfortunately my daughter rode into the car yesterday leaving the front bumper damaged as per the pictures. As can be seen it's gone right through the paint and you can feel a slight ridge. So am ...

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Darren Mullin

vehicle location is in Whetstone, N20, north London. Damage to bottom of rear tailgate. paint work chipped and dented. Photos attatched. Please can you advise and quote for the damage. Thanks Darren ...

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Damage is on the front bumper (drivers side) and appears to have been caught by another vehicle in a car park. The surface level remains rough and it appears from initial inspection that the scratches ...

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Hi, Hi, A van hit whilst in france on my new car. It's nothing major, but there is some ascetic damage. Could I get a quote on how much it would cost please? It's the front bumper, passenger ...

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Andy Rice

Just want to get the back bumper scuff, one part looks a little deep. How much to get this fixed? Model: Ford Focus

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Thomas Mazarakis

How much would it cost to repair the vinyl puncture marks on the interior door panels (both front passenger and driver side)? How 'invisible' would the repair be and how well could you match to the ...

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alex telford

How can I retint the laeth of the door panels I have started to clean the door panels of the car which is 39 yrs old and some of the colour has started to come off!!! fear! The leather of the car is ...

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Hi, from the attached photo's you will see i have ome damage to one of my rear passenger doors, could you let me know if this is repairable, the likely cost if it is and how long the repair might take. ...

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Hi, How much would it cost for a paint job/fix for the scratch shown in the picture I've attached, how long would I have to wait for an appointment. I am in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire Model: ...

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