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Coco Maya

I was wondering if I could have your estimate for repairing attached scratched car. Also please advise how long you will need to keep this car for repair? I look forward to hearing from you. Kind ...

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Imtiaaz Sali

Hello I am in Chelmsford Essex, I had my car parked in a bay and from what i can deduce the car parked in the adjacent bay scraped a layer of the black paint off. The car is not scratched other than ...

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Hi, I am looking for a quote to repair the following items: x2 Alloy wheels (1st wheel paint peeling + corrosion under paint, 2nd wheel minor scuff (paint)) a 1cm scratch on the front bumper I ...

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Anand Reddy

Reversed into concrete pillar and scuffed the structural damage. I just need the paintwork touched up. I am located in Carshalton, Surrey...3 miles from Sutton Station. Model: Vauxhall ...

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Charlotte Wright

Hi, I've burnt a hole in my drivers seat with a cigarette. Photos attached. It's near the edge of the seat, just after the seam. Can you advise me if this can be repaired, if so could you provide ...

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sue rose

As per the email already sent - these are the second sets of images with the small bit of damage on the rear carpet set Thanks Model: Golf Mark 1

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Shailesh Adalja

2 scruffs on bumber, one on right hand side. This is the larger. One on left hand side (smaller). Car is a Mercedes C180, Cubanite Silver. Need estimate to compare to Mercedes own body shop repair which ...

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Tim Wood

1. Front bumper scuff - scuff is over the parking sensors as well (see pic) 2. Rear boot panel - deep scratch (see pics) (don't know how it happened) and also slightly dented as well. Could you please ...

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leon Alexander

Hi there, I have a small minor scuff on front left bumper please get back to me asap with a quote kind regards leon alexander w92jb (paddington, london) Model: Mercedes A150 2007

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