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shona hopkins

I have been billed £666 from Automotive leasing. Two items were corrosion on wheel trims! Am I responsible for rust? Also £343 for carpet. The car mat supplied caught under pedals so I had to move it ...

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Dominic Tutton

We are a leasing company and have a customer in the Wickford area please could you see the attached pictures and provide an estimate. Model: Nissan Navara

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Gui Neto

Hi there, Came across your website as I need to return a car lease next week but have a very small dent on the rear door which I'd like your thoughts on. Please see picture attached. I'd like ...

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Lawrence McCurrach

Hi, I will most likely book in for one of your Lease Return Services, however as a starting point there are a few areas of damage that I know will need repaired, can you please take a look at the pictures ...

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Hello, I am in Virginia. Recently my car was hit by a friend with very minor damage. I have gotten the minor damage parts touched up. The damages look like road rash. Will the leasing company charge me ...

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I'm based in West London (W12) and am due to return my leased car next month. There is a cigarette burn on the back seat and I have been quoted between £400-£500 (exc VAT) for a replacement one by Fiat ...

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